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Featured on The World Show: The Dobson Series

In October, host Robert Scully of The World Show: The Dobson Series, interviewed Burke's Restoration president and founder, Gary Burke, on the topic of customer loyalty, the restoration industry and entrepreneurship.
During 28 years of uninterrupted broadcast, over three thousand guests have appeared on The World show. It has featured Nobel laureates, heads of state, royalty and other notable personalities, which include Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Gerald Ford and Robert Reford. Bob and the show have a particular interest in, and affection for, entrepreneurs, as well as CEOs and business leaders.
Gary's interview aired on The PBS Network and was a great opportunity for him to share some of his most memorable experiences from the past 35 years in the fire and water restoration business. He explained the importance of forming a genuine bond with customers and the difficulty of dealing with victims of tragic losses on a daily basis. The full 24-minute interview can be viewed in the video player above or on Youtube.